The unifying power of singing is cathartic

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The hard truth about quick results

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  • They can let you procrastinate on getting started under the guise of…

A Response to Jessica Wildfire

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A conservative case for universal basic income

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Because we need something to do while we wait for The Winds of Winter

1) A Storm of Swords (book three)

Food should be savored, not scrutinized

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Eating shouldn’t be like this.

Dismal times aren’t enough to sink the Happiest Place on Earth

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Spend less than you earn and invest the difference

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  • Freedom — Once you have enough money to be financially independent, you are no longer shackled to the need to earn an income and all the strings attached to it
  • A Margin of Safety — If things go wrong, you have a cushion. Losing your job sucks, but it sucks less if you have a fat emergency fund and a massive portfolio

No one is as impressed with your stuff as you are

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Matthew Kent

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