Because we need something to do while we wait for The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones went out with a whimper.

It was transcendent in seasons one through four, regressed in five, made a triumphant return to form in season six, and then fell apart at the wheels in seasons seven and eight.

Now that it’s over, all of us who love the story are back to desperately hoping that George R.R. Martin can finish The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

While we wait, it’s worth taking some time to appreciate what he was able to achieve with the first five books of the series and

1) A Storm of Swords (book three)

Food should be savored, not scrutinized

The words we use give fascinating insights into our beliefs.

Are you “eating” or “cheating” when you consume a donut?

Do some foods count as “bad” because they have too many carbs? Are some too fattening because they have too many calories?

Is anything decadent or delicious a “guilty pleasure?”

Or maybe it’s something you have to “earn” at the gym.

Eating shouldn’t be like this.

Of course, you could argue that our language is just reflecting a food environment fraught with peril.

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to get fat and sick than its ever been, but is…

Don’t Create Work You’re Proud Of, Be Proud to Create Work

Even as you improve, there will always be room to grow. Every time you complete a project, you’ll have to live with the knowledge that it could have been better.

The gap between what you can imagine and what you can produce will never fully go away.

The key is to not let perfection be the standard.

Adding the word “yet” to “it’s not perfect” isn’t helpful because it will never be perfect. Your standard for your work will always exceed your current abilities. To move forward, it can…

Dismal times aren’t enough to sink the Happiest Place on Earth

I spent all of 2019 saving up for Disney passes.

I live about an hour and a half North of the parks and have purchased annual passes twice before.

My plan seemed flawless: one week-long vacation in early 2020, one week-long vacation in early 2021, and several three-day weekend trips in between. The first part of the plan went smoothly, but COVID came and blew the rest of my plans to bits.

Disney World closed on March 16 and didn’t open again until July — and even then, many were scared to go.

In November, my family finally decided to…

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference

Here’s a serious question: why should you even bother to learn about personal finance? After all, plenty of people remain quite ignorant about the topic and seem to (mostly) get by.

  • Freedom — Once you have enough money to be financially independent, you are no longer shackled to the need to earn an income and all the strings attached to it
  • A Margin of Safety — If things go wrong, you have a cushion. Losing your job sucks, but it sucks less if you have a fat emergency fund and a massive portfolio

While there’s a lot of “personal” in…

No one is as impressed with your stuff as you are

Imagine that (during a time without COVID) you are waiting outside to be seated at a really nice restaurant. As you pass the time, your attention is grabbed by the roar of an engine. You look up and see a beautiful red Ferrari pull up to the valet. Normally you aren’t impressed with cars, but this one is an artful blend of classic design with a modern edge. It’s that perfect hot rod red.

In spite of yourself, you start dreaming about owning such a vehicle.

Surely, if you owned a car like that, you would be the center of…

Why a year lost to quarantine demands an annual review

We all know we’ll never forget 2020, but most of us may one day be surprised at how much of 2020 is lost to the fog of memory.

I noticed this as I was completing my 2020 annual review. When it came time to list all the memories and milestones from April-June, I had a difficult time remembering where that time went.

In Off the Clock, Laura Vanderkam explains that routine is a double-edged sword. Without routine, there would be know novelty, but too much routine lets your brain consolidate memories. So 200 mornings stuck at home in a quarantine…

Is your work working for you? Here’s something interesting: All the time that I put in at my job back in 2016 is done paying me money. But I’m still…

Practicing in public is the only way forward for creators.

It’s so tempting to want to hide until you’ve created something that can’t be criticized.

Unfortunately, that will never happen…

If what you want could be found in your comfort zone you’d already have it.

The good news is that the things that scare you probably aren’t dangerous. The fear…

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