Four Critical Problems With Social Media 📵

Are you using the platform or is the platform using you?

Matthew Kent
3 min readMar 13


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I’m not against using technology, but you shouldn’t mindlessly adopt the latest and greatest trends without counting the cost. Here are four critical problems with social media that may make you want to reconsider your decision to follow the crowd.

1️⃣ Distraction — Notifications, infinity scroll, and intermittent rewards cause you to spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at a five to seven inch screen.

Not only does the phone cause you to waste time, you get nothing in return. You turn to your phone as a break, a way to relax and rewind from your stressful day. But never in history has someone looked up after wasting an hour on the phone and said “ah, now I feel recharged and ready to take on the world!” You just feel more burnt out and anxious than before.

If you actually want to recharge, you probably need to put the phone away and recover the lost art of doing nothing

2️⃣ Envy — Yes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is more handsome than you, more ripped than you, and much richer than you. But dwelling on it isn’t going to do you any good. Spending time on social media platforms only exposes you to the highlights, the stuff people want to show off. You’ll always have a reason to feel inadequate when everyone is carefully curating the most flattering aspects of their lives.

It’s really hard to be grateful when you are continuously reminded that you don’t have the nicest house, the most fit body, the greatest career, or the best and most expensive vacations.

The comparison game is hard enough to avoid in real life. But at least in real life, you can only compare yourself to the people that you know, not to everyone on planet Earth

3️⃣ Lust — I’m primarily thinking of guys here — though I realize some gals struggle with this issue as well. While the whole internet is full of pictures of scantily clad women, these images…



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